College Life

Old vs. Young

I’m at this awkward stage in life where one moment I feel super old, but I feel super young the next. I know this makes just about zero sense, but hang with me.

This week, I moved into my first apartment.* Not only do I live on my own without parents, but I am living on my own without a CL (community leader…so an RA), a residence hall director, and a dining hall one floor below me.

Old: 1
Young: 0

Yesterday, I decided it was about time to actually buy groceries since I had been living off restaurant food the past few days. I found myself walking into Walmart, grabbing a cart, and rolling up and down the aisles, checking my list. Future mom in the making.

Old: 2
Young: 0

But then, I looked what was on my list and what ended up in my cart: peanut butter & jelly, bread, mac & cheese, a 12 pack of Ramen Noodles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Smart Choice microwaveable meals. I then realized I will probably eat like a five year old forever, even if I have a kitchen handy. I flash forwarded to marriage “It’s mac & cheese night, honey!” The poor guy doesn’t know what he’s getting into when he promises ’til death.

Old: 2
Young: 1

This morning, my friend Kaley {shout-out} and I watched Toy Story 3 because we’re college students who party too hard. I’m convinced Toy Story 3 is not a light hearted movie made for kids, but specifically made for college girls to bawl their eyes out. And while I didn’t cry because I’m an emotionless brick wall, I certainly wanted to. Spoiler alert: Andy goes away to college and leaves behind his childhood toys to a cute little girl. It takes sacrifice and heartbreak on both ends. Is that not a tear jerker?

Old: 3 {Andy is in college, like me}.
Young: 2 {I chose to watch Toy Story 3}.

Each day is a tossup with what I’m feeling. Do I feel old and wise today? Are wandering freshman going to ask me for directions? Do I feel young and immature? Am I going to giggle when I hear the word “duty?”**

It’s so good to be in Waco, to be living independently, to be “old” and on my own. But it’s also good to go home, to curl up in my parents’ bed, to be “young” and have wiser folks to lean on and learn from. I don’t always know what I’m feeling {girl probs}. Sometimes it’s a little bit of both. All I know is I’m loving this crazy stage of life I’m in.

*This post was first published on Aug. 25, 2013 on a previous blog of mine.
**Always yes. I will always giggle when I hear “duty,” no matter how old I am. Tehee.

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