College Life

I’m not a freshman.

I’m not a freshman.

This means:

I can actually get to class without asking for directions.

My refrigerator is average sized.

I know better than to wear heels and dresses to class {which result in blisters, Marilyn Monroe moments, and pure discomfort}.

My ethernet cable isn’t plugged in because I have wifi. And it works.

I don’t wear flip flops in the shower.

I can sit next to a senior without feeling like a third grader.

My stomach isn’t queasy from eating P-nasty.

No Chapel.

I don’t have my ID card on me. Because I don’t need it.

There’s not a magnet propping my door open because it automatically locks.

Today was my first day of my sophomore year. Basically I love being a sophomore already. I’m basking in my non-freshman-ness.

It’s just nice knowing what you’re doing. It’s nice knowing, period. I’m not lost and clueless.

That being said, I love the freshman. They’re adorable. They’re excited. They’re nervous. They’re anxious. Last year, I was in their shoes. It was scary but also thrilling.

But it’s good not having to do that whole help-me-I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing thing again.

Sophomore year is already off to a great beginning.

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