Be present.

I‘ve done a lot of hopping to and fro in the past 12 months.
First, I started out in my beloved Dallas, the place I’ve called home for 99.9% of my lifetime. Then, I moved to my took-some-time-to-adjust-to-but-ended-up-adoring-itWaco, the place where I’ll be spending my college years at. And last but not least, I temporarily moved to my previously-hated-but-it’s-not-so-bad Spring {aka Houston, Dallas’s ultimate enemy}, the place where I’ve met some of the most godly and most fun-to-be-around coworkers and students.Each time I settled down in a new place, I found the transition harder than I expected it to be. Because I lived in Dallas for nearly my whole life {in the same city, with the same friends, going to the same restaurants, hang-outs, etc.}, I thought it would be fun to live the “nomad life.” I wanted out.But when I moved out, I couldn’t move on. I remembered how much I loved the place{s} I was at before, and how much I adored the people I left behind.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past year, it’s the importance of being present no matter where you are.

It’s easy to look back and to stay back. When I was in Waco, all I wanted was to go back home to the familiar faces, streets, and places that I grew up with. And when I was in Spring, all I wanted was to go back to Waco, with my new college friends, the Suspension Bridge, and Common Grounds.

But when you live in the past, or when you “live” in your mind somewhere that’s not where your body is, you’re cheating the people around you and you’re cheating yourself. You’re missing out on everything that is in front of you.

I firmly believe God places us exactly where we need to be. And sometimes I straight up don’t understand what He’s doing. I didn’t get why He called me to Waco when I was nearly set on going to Norman {aka OU}. I didn’t get why He sent me to Spring when I wanted to spend some time this summer in Ghana.

But I am so glad He called me. And I am so glad He sent me.

Because He has blessed me in every way. When I live in the past, I can’t see what’s in front of me. My vision is clouded, so I can’t see God’s. But when I stop living in the past or stop wishing I was somewhere else, I truly invest in the lives of the people I come across and see more clearly why I am where I am. And I am present. And when I’m present, I see that He is present, too. In the end, no matter where I am on this earth, He’s my home, and He’s all I need.

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